Aadhar Card Benefits

The Indian government made aadhar card as a required identity proof document and every Indian should possess the aadhar number. Finance minister, Arun Jaitley, hinting that in future adhar is going to be the only ID card. There are many benefits that you can avail by linking the UIDAI number with the respective scheme.

Advantages of Aadhar Card

Get Passport Quickly: To get a new passport submitting UIDAI card as a proof is mandatory. Now with this submission, you will get a passport in just 10 days. Earlier police verification is done before getting the passport. Now with this, you will get passport quickly and the police verification will be done at a later stage.

Mid Day Meals For Children: In government schools, poor children will be served with mid-day meals. Parents have to submit the Identity details of the children in order to avail the benefits from the school. This rule is to make sure that the benefits reach poor people.

Scholarship: Some students produce fake income certificate documents to receive scholarship from the government. Now it is made compulsory to link their aadhar number with the bank to receive the scholarship. Now it will become easy for the government to track the financial status of the student parents.

Driving Licence: Tamilnadu government has made it mandatory for providing adhaar as a proof for applying a new driving license. Soon this rule will be implemented in other states also.

Digi Locker: Many people might not have heard about the digital locker. This is an online system where you can store soft copies of all your personal documents like Certificates, driving license, passport and many other safely. To open an account in DigiLocker portal you will need to provide adhaar card number.

aadhar card benefits

Provident Fund: Link with EPFO organisation to receive provident fund directly to your account. Otherwise, you will not get a provident fund at all.

Bank account: With aadhar, it will be easy to open a new bank account. You don't need to provide multiple IDs for opening a new bank account. One proof is enough as it contains your name, date of birth and address. Soon it will be made as a requirement for every bank account holder to link adhaar with their account.

PAN Card: For applying a new PAN, now you have to submit the UIDAI proof. Existing PAN holders must link before 1-July-2017. Otherwise, your PAN will become invalid.

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee (MNREGA): This scheme provides employment for people living in rural areas. Employees have to link the aadhar card with the bank accounts in order to get their salary directly credited into bank account.

Pension: You have to register your identification number with your respective department to get a monthly pension. Otherwise, you won't get a pension at all.

LPG Subsidy: One can avail subsidies on commodity products sold by the government. There are various commodity product like LPG gas, rice, kerosene and many other on which you can get a subsidy. All you have to do is link your unique identification number with your bank account, LPG provider, and ration store to get these subsidies. The subsidy amount will be credited directly to your linked bank account.

These are the list of benefits that one can get having a UIDAI aadhar card. If you don't have one then apply now itself. In future government will definitely make this number as a must and should document for all government related work processing.