BHIM Mobile App

BHIM is a digital payment application used for transferring money. It is an aadhar enabled payment system and users have to provide their aadhar number while registering with this mobile app.

Salient Features


  1. Salient Features
  2. Download BHIM App
  3. Registering in BHIM App
  4. Transferring Money
  5. Additional Features

Salient Features

Download BHIM App

First you have to download the application on to your mobile. You can download it from the google play store (visit website) and install it.

Registering in BHIM App

After installing it in your smart phone, then you have to register for a new account. Follow the below steps to register

Now you are registered with BHIM application. Let see how to do bank transactions using this mobile application.

Transferring Money through BHIM APP

Follow the below steps to send and receive money via BHIM application.

Watch the below video for the detailed step by step process on how to register and transfer money using BHIM application.

Additional Features

To conclude the BHIM app seems quite easy to use compared to other bank applications. The good point about this app is, it is linked with all the banks and you don't need to install mobile applications for each bank account.