Aadhar Card Must for PAN and Filing IT Returns

Aadhar number become an essential document for getting a bank account, LPG subsidies, Pension, provident fund and to avail many benefits from the government. Now the government of India took a decision to make aadhar number as a required document for applying a new Permanent account number (PAN). Those who already have a PAN must link it with aadhar number before 1-july-2017. In case if you failed to link then your PAN will become invalid.


  1. Why Link Aadhar Card With PAN
  2. How to Link Aadhar Card with PAN
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

Linking of UID number with PAN has many advatages for the Indian government. Tax evaders can be caught easily. The Income tax department will be able to keep track of all the bank transactions of an individual and match those against with the submitted IT returns. In case if there is any mismatch between these two, then the IT department will send a notice to the individual for clarification. If the person is not able to provide sufficient proofs, then he has to pay the tax with fine.

Some individuals will maintain multiple pan cards and try to evade tax. As the UIDAI card is linked with one PAN, there is no way to link it to multiple pan cards.

Steps for linking the pand card with UID number.

  1. Login to the efiling portal IT department.
  2. As soon as you login, you will be prompted with a pop to enter your UID number.
  3. Verify that your name and date of birth is matching with the one on your aadhar.
  4. After that enter your UID number and click on "link now" button.
  5. In case if the portal doesn't prompt for linking, then hit the profile button on the menu. A drop down menu will appear, now click on the link aadhar button.
Link Aadhar Card with PAN

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Do I have to provide any document proofs for linking with pan?

There is no need to provide any proofs to link UID with pan. All you have to do is enter UID number and click on link now button.

Q2) What if my name and DOB on IT portal do not match with aadhar card?

You have to rectify your name and DOB details on your adhar card by using the aadhar card update request. You can read here for more details on how to correct details on aadhar card.